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    BP : 13450


    TEL : 22 20 95 21

    Année Scol. 2010-2011

    Département D’Anglais

    SEQUENCE    N°1

     EXAMINATEUR :      Mme NGUE  I. P.

    Epreuve d’anglais

    Durée  3h  

    Coef : 03

    Classe : 1ère C & D


    SECTION A        GRAMMAR     (10 marks)


    Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in brackets. (5mrks)


    1-     Yesterday _____________ (to be) the school reopening.

    2-     The teacher ____________ (to give) us a lot of exercises this morning.

    3-     Music ______________ (to play) an important role in people’s life.

    4-     Many famous rulers ____________ (to use) music to help them relax.

    5-     Internet cafe’s _______________ (to spring up) virtually every day.


    Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with correct adverbs made from the words in brackets.  (5mrks)


    a-      She was accused _____________ (wrong)

    b-     The politician campaigned _____________(sincere)

    c-      The choir sang very ______________ at the funeral. (mournful)

    d-     The player _____________ scored a goal. (fantastic)

    e-      Our teacher will ______________ come in the afternoon. (probable)


    SECTION B          VOCABULARY     (10 marks)


    Exercise 1: Complete with the correct words.   (5mrks)


    a)      My parents ______________ the BBC world service every evening. (listen to / hear)

    b)      Have you ________________ that stupid joke about the spice girls?

    c)      I _______________ that you have become quite a good musician. (hear / listen)

    d)      Paul was ______________ the radio, when we came to visit. (listening to / hearing)

    e)      If you ________________ carefully, you can hear the sound of the flute in that music. (listen / hear).


    Exercise 2: Match the words with their meanings. Write in the space provided (5mrks)


    1)      An organist is ________________________________________ a) someone who writes music

    2)      A conservatory is ______________________________b) to do something to entertain

    3)      A composer is ______________________________c) someone who controls a business

    4)      To perform is ______________________________d) someone who plays the organ

    5)      Manager is ___________________________________________e) a special school where people

                                                                                                                       are trained in music.


    SECTION C     COMPREHENSION (10 marks)

          Read the following passage and answer the questions below it.


                          The African Children’s Choir

         The seed of the African Children’s Choir was sown along a dusty road in Africa, during the civil war of1979 inUganda.

          Ray Barnett, founder of the African Children’s Choir, was travelling through the war-torn country and stopped to give a ride. The child began to sing. Ray was captivated and his colleague quickly started to record the child’s song.


              In 1984, Ray was galvanised into action by a radio report about thousands of children, starving and orphaned by civil war in Uganda. Ray thought of a choir of African children that would radiate beauty and joy. Almost 20 years later, the African Children’s Choir is still made up of talented African Children between the ages of seven and 11, who act as ambassadors for thousands of other children and who go on tour internationally.

          They were guest artists at the Commonwealth Conference of Education Ministers inEdinburgh, 2003.




    1)      Where was the African Children’s Choir started?  (1mrk)



    2)      Who was the founder of the Choir? And what inspired him?   (2,5mrks)




    3)      Who are members of the African Children’s Choir?  (2mrks)




    4)      Do you think the African Children’s Choir is successful? Justify.   (2,5mrks)




    5)      Do you think the Choir brings some hope to its member? How?     (2mrks)



    SECTION D            ESSAY

            Write a good essay on your favourite musician.

    Say which music genre he or she performs. The instruments used. Why do you love him or her? Where and when his or her music is played and finally what does his or her music bring to people.

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